English Shepherd
Predigree Project
List of Dogs
(alphabetical by common name)

Young's Orion picture copyright of Karen Clanin and used with permission

Every attempt has been made to keep these pedigrees as accurate as possible. Please let Jan Hilborn know of any corrections or additions.

In these pedigrees 'PR' means Purple Ribbon, a term used by the UKC to denote a dog who has 6 generations of UKC registered dogs in his pedigree. Where the pedigree says unknown this means that the dogs are not known to me but not that the dogs were not registered.
Ron MaloneSue Lesley Abby
Debbie Dollard Jan Hilborn Annie
Johni WarrenPaige Horst Babe
Dolores Butcher Alesia Childress Bear
Marvin Hampton Rick Wallace Belle
? Gay Brower Betsy
William Holden Carol Ross Betsy Ross
Harmon Smith, DVM Harmon Smith, DVM Blondie
Terry McCarty Liz Caplin Bogey
Marvin Hampton Leslie Abbott-Morse Boomer
Marvin Hampton Art Knowlton Bovedere
Yoder Kathy Lofthouse Bracken
Judie Sutherland Kim Lysinger Brando
Alesia Childress Janet "Babe" Vetaly Brezy
Dolores Butcher Carol Ross Bubba
?Nikki Bryant Buckley
Ray Moore Bob Hughes Bud III
Darron Wilson Darron Wilson Buddy Jr.
Mitch Oney Mitch Oney Butch
Marianne Dwight Clanin & Tesarz Cassie (Roux)
Carole Osselear Carole Osselear California Girl
Reba Stegall Jan Hilborn Cally
Judy & David Hughes Jessica Husted Cash
Rogers Sutherlands Chap
Ralph Morris? Cheyenne
Rogers Lundgress Cinder
Terry McCarty Kathi Tesarz Cody
Ralph Morris Ralph Morris Cody
Dolores Butcher Lisa Harris Dakota
Harmon Smith, DVM Janet Vetaly Darbi
TERRY MCCARTYElaine Reynold's Dixie
Dorothy Anderson Dorothy Anderson Duke
Darron Wilson Lungress Duke
Mary WaldTheresa Kaschak Dust-dee
Michelle Roebuck Sue Boice Ellie
Dolores Butcher Terry McCarty Foothill Sam
Mitch Oney Pat Stewart Fynn
Karen Moore Ellen Frigo, DMV Gwin
Woods Woods Hollie
Don Diffendaffer Karen Birdsong Holly-O
Ralph Morris Randi Pyke Hoss
Darlene O'Dell Cheryl Bertholf Jade
Schmidt's Jennifer Rohling Jagger
Dolores Butcher Nancy Keefe Jagger
Dolores Butcher Randi Pyke Jaid
Randi Pyke Barbara Barker Jed
Janet Vetaly jan hilborn Jenna
Dolores Butcher ? Alesia Childress Jill
Ariel Lane Lungress Lad
Dolores Butcher Doug Johnson Lady Jane
Marvin Hampton Mary Mooney Lexie
Dolores Butcher Marvin Hampton Lillie
?Steward MacBeth
?? Maitland's King
Liz McGowen Ashley Palmer Milo
Janet Vetaly Cynthia Smith Milo
Mitch Oney Sutherland Murphy
?Randi Pyke Paradise
Darlene O'Dell Barbara Hollands Pearl
Weaver Kathy Lofthouse Purdy
? ? Mann's Texas Ranger
Darlene Merz Cathy Geiger Reavis
? Snitker's Snitker's Rebel
Sutherland Karen Clanin Rion
Marianne Dwight Clanin & Tesarz Roux (Cassie)
Sutherland Cash Family Ruby
Mitch Oney Kathy Lofthouse Rufus
Nadgewick's Mary Wald Sally
Dorothy Anderson Dolores Butcher Sam Odie
Janet VetalyCharles Merrifield Seth
Ron Malone Smokey Eule Shep
Janet Vetaly Micki Bleily Sky
Karen Moore Sue Boice Sloane
Dorothy Anderson Dolores Butcher Sophie II
Charles Schroeder Kim Lysinger Spencer
Theresa KaschakTheresa Kaschak Stormie
Dolores Butcher Elaine Reynolds Susie Q
Karen Moore Jan Gribble Tas
Jeanne Wells Jeff Meyer Toast
Ralph Morris Ralph Morris Toby
Janice Sallee Mark Abbott Tozi
Sutherland Pam Kaye Turner
?? Woodhaven Prince
Carol RossRick Bell Zoe Louise
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